Welcome to LPSN’s adventure

There are not enough words to describe how wonderful these past four months have been. The best way I can describe it is when I compare this experience to winning a front-row ticket to the most awesome movie in the world. My name is Oscar, and I am one of the mentors of LPSN, one of the finalist teams in the 2019 edition of Technovation Challenge.

I wanted to be the first one posting on this blog because you all shall be warned. The girls you are about to meet are a force to be reckoned, but they keep a humble attitude. That is until you see them pursuing their goals. That is when you feel a sudden shock.

LPSN is a team that started their adventure in Technovation later than most teams, but they have cleared hurdle after hurdle and overcome every obstacle that there is no other path for them other than success, not only in Technovation where they have reached the last stage, but in life.

Welcome to this space, and thanks for your interest in LPSN’s projects.